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Cosplay Contest: All The INFO!

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What category should I choose?
This is entirely your own choice. As a guideline we would recommend that experienced cosplayers, cosplayers who have competed and gotten prices at contests in the past, and people with educations in sewing/design/other types of craft might want to consider the master category. However this is entirely up to you, and if you do not feel you can compete on a top you are welcome to joint the classic category. Likewise, beginners who are confident in their craft and stage ability are very welcome to compete in the master category.

When, where and how:

The cosplay contest will take place on saturday. At 10.00 there will be an information meeting for everyone in the Classic, Master and Duo categories. Here we will go through all relevant information, answer questions and make sure you know what is going to happen. It is very important that you attend this meeting, and if it is not possible we ask that you make sure you have a friend that attends and can relay any information to you. If this is the case you need to let us know by sending a text to or calling the following number: 41286087


Costume pre-judging will take place from 10.30 to 14.00, with a break so everyone who wants can watch the opening show.  The exact place for pre-judging will be announced at the info meeting. We will schedule the contestant into groups so you will not have to stand for hours and wait for judging. These judging schedules will be released online some time after the signup deadline, at the latest on the morning of Friday 7th of October, the day before the contest. The lists will also be available at the activity stand. It is your own responsibility to check the lists and make sure you are on time for your pre-judging. If you are not on time we cannot guarantee you will have time for judging, in which case you will be disqualified from the contest.

Round one:
Round one consists of a cosplay catwalk for all contestants in all categories. Music will be played  and you will get 10 – 20 seconds on stage to act/pose.You will not have access to a microphone or any other specific audio. This round is primarily to show off your costume to the audience, but you should keep in mind that the judges will be looking at your stage presence and in-character performance, and these things may tip the scales to decide who moves on to the second round.

The announcement of who moves on to the finals will be made at the beginning of the Banzai show, at 17.00. A list will also be available at the Activity Stand from this time. All those who qualify to the finals are required to meet up no later than 18.30 for tech preparations. The location of this meeting will also be announced at the morning info meeting.

Nb: All participants in the Cosplay Duo category automatically move on to the finals.
There are no finals for participants in the catwalk category.

Final round:
In this round all contestants get to hold a performance that should last between 1 and 2 minutes in length (1-3 for the duo category). You will have access to your own audio, microphones and light design (within reasonable limits, try to keep it simple). You will also be allowed to use an assistant on stage, either as a “stage ninja” or as a supporting character. However we want to make it clear that this is a solo contest and the assistant should only be there as a support. If your assistant is playing a supporting character role and the judges feel they take too much focus in the performance you will loose points.In the duo category the assisant can only be a stage ninja, not a supporting character.

Further rules for the performance is as follows:

– We are a family friendly con. Innuendo is allowed, full on coarse sexual language is not.
– Do not bring anything on stage that cannot be easily brought down again (such as water or confetti)
– No pyrotechnics or fire of any kind
– Stage Props that are in violation of con rules may be used for the performance provided they are handed back to security or brought off the premises afterwards. This does not include functional firearms or sharp metal blades.
– We can provide basic props such as tables and chair. If you need any of this, please let us know in the email along with your tech specifications.

Prize ceremony:
The final results will be announced at our closing ceremony on Sunday.

Judges criteria:
The judges will look for the following:


– The overall look and cohesiveness of the costume
– Attention to detail
– The quality of the craftsmanship
– The level of difficulty
– Accuracy (how closely it follows the original design)


– Creativity
– Stage presence, acting and movement
– Choice and use of audio (music, speech and/or sound effects)
– Complimentary use of props, stage props and assistants (if any)
– Narrative choices and the overall layout of the perform

In the Classic and Master categories, costume will count for 60% of the score, performance for 40%. In the duo category the opposite numbers apply.

Judging in Cosplay Classic and Cosplay Master follow the same criteria, however they may show a slightly different focus, and judging in the master category will be somewhat stricter and expect a higher level of craftsmanship and performance.

You can only sign up to the contest online, not at the con. All signups close at midnight on the 4th of October. By this time we must also have received your tech-specifications, audio file and reference images by email. If you do not send us this you will not be able to participate in the contest, even if you have signed up.

You will not receive a confirmation after completing the form. However after sending us the email you should receive a reply within a couple of days at most, telling you we have received the files. If you do not get this email, please get in touch with us.

We remind you that there are limited spaces open in each category. With our increased number of participants we are unable to predict how large the interest in the contest will be, so if entering is important to you we suggest signing up as soon as you are able. Your space is reserved as soon as you complete the signup form. Audio files may be sent at a later time, as long as it is before midnight on the 4th.

To sign up, follow these two steps:

First, fill out the relevant form:

Cosplay Classic:

Cosplay Master:

Cosplay Duo:

Then send an email to with your name and the following attachments:

– 3-4 detailed reference images of the character you are cosplaying (in the outfit you are making), ideally from different angles and/or focusing on different details. If you cannot send us this many pictures because you are basing your costume of a design that is only depicted once, let us know.
– An audio file in mp3 format, of no more than 2 minutes in length (max 3 minutes for the duo category)
– Instructions for light during the show, if you have any. Our tech-crew will do their best to accommodate your wishes, however they are only human and putting on a big show with no rehearsal, so keep it simple. If you want the light to change during your performance, make sure to write at what time in the audio file this should happen. (f.ex at 0.54 seconds)
– Do you need a microphone? What kind (handheld or headset). Does your assistant need one?
– Do you have any further comments or things we should be aware of?

Grand Batsu!

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For the first time in Norway you can come check out the gameshow where nobody wins, but someone’s gonna lose!

Grand Batsu pits two teams against each other in stupid competitions and insane quizzes in a show where the contestants must give it their all not to end up in last place. Previously hosted in Närcon, the show now travels across the border and will make its norwegian debut at Banzaicon!



Space Race

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This quiz games requires both quick feet and quick thinking to take your team to the top! Solve puzzles, answer questions and race through our galaxy! Conquer each of the planets in our solar system (and Pluto because damnit, you can be a planet if you just believe in yourself! Have faith Pluto!) to become the masters and bring home some nifty prices! 

Animation and VFX in film with Hans Gunnar Brekke

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From the world of 3D-renders and tiny polygons, we are very excited to present Hans Gunnar Brekke!

With 12 years of experience bringing movie-magic to the silver-screen, he’s the guy you talk to when you need some monsters rampaging through the street or a worryingly large wolf terrorizing your protagonists.

He is currently the Head of Visual Effects at Westerdals Oslo ACT, and before coming back home to Norway he spent some time in New Zealand working as a lead/senior animator with Weta Digital on projects like The Hobbit and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Other films where you can see his work includes the Jungle Book, the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Drag me to Hell, Cloverfield and Enchanted.

At Banzaicon he will be regaling us with stories of his climb to the top in the world of animation and VFX and what the day to day work looks like. You’ll get to see some of his work, including some exclusive behind-the-scenes material. And of course he’ll give some advice on how to make your own career in film, including an introduction of Westerdals new VFX course.  

Ps. Some of the work shown in this panel is not meant for publication, and therefore taking pictures or filming will not be allowed. We ask that you please respect these rules so that we can continue getting such cool guests in the future!


DemoReel 2012HD 3072DemoReel 2012HD 2473DemoReel 2012HD 1085

Banzaicon 7 – 7th to 9th of October 2016 in Boligmappa Arena Larvik

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Dear fellow nerds, geeks and cosplayers. It’s time for a long awaited update. We know a lot of you have been waiting eagerly for news from us, and while we’re sorry it’s taken so long, we hope you’ll find it’s been worth it.  To make up for it, we have not just one, but three big announcements for you today.

First, we are incredibly excited to welcome you all to Banzaicon next year in a brand new venue! Sliperiet has been a lovely place which has served us well for six years and is filled with lots of treasured memories for all of us organizers and crew, and hopefully for you guys as well. However lately we’ve also felt its restrictions. There simply isn’t enough space for us to do all the things we want to do. So we’ve been looking for the perfect heir, and we’ve finally gotten all the details down. And so, Banzaicon 7 will be held at Boligmappa Arena Larvik!

This is a really cool place with lots of space for a big stage, big show and of course a big party! But we didn’t just want to smash the whole con together in one hall, so in addition we will be using parts of Thor Heyerdahl Videregående Skole. The school is part of the same complex as the arena, and it has a spacious, modern design that fits perfectly with our vision for Banzaicon. With this new venue we have a lot of space, and a lot of rooms for all kinds of geeky games and activities, and we just can’t wait to put them to use! Which brings us to our second announcement:

As you can imagine we will need to fill all of this new space not only with awesome program posts, but with awesome people as well. This means Banzaicon is finally lifting our 500 ticket limit. In fact we are happy to say a total of 1500 tickets will be available for Banzaicon 7.

We know it’s been very difficult to get tickets, and are glad to offer more people the chance to come and enjoy Banzaicon. Still, this decision has not been easy for us. Our focus has always been on quality over quantity, and the most important thing for us is to make sure those that do come have as great a time as possible. We make the decision to increase our size in the belief that we have gained the necessary experience over the last 6 years to be up for the challenge. It’s time for Banzaicon to LEVEL UP!

Lastly we get to the thing you’ve all been asking for: the date of next years convention. So, without further ado:

Banzaicon 7 will be held on the 7th to 9th of October 2016

We know this is not what you probably expect, but we have a number of reasons for changing what time of year we hold our convention. In part, it is to accommodate the change in venue and give us the time we need to properly prepare next years con. We hope you’ll stick with us, and we promise to do our very best to make it worth the wait!

A few final mentions:


Banzaicon 7 does not yet have a theme. This will be decided on a later date, but if you have suggestions or wishes you are very welcome to let us know in the comments!


As you might know Banzaicon is one of the conventions that qualify one of Norways three representatives to the Nordic Cosplay Championship. We will continue to do so, but for obvious reasons we’ll not be able to qualify a contestant for this years finals (unless someone is able to lend us a TARDIS or other timetraveling-device). Norway will still have three contestants in this years finals, however the process of selecting the last finalist will be taken care of by the NCC committee as they see fit, with our full support. We’ll be sure to post news about this when it becomes available.


We’ll be back with info on ticket sales later on. We promise to keep you updated on our webpage and facebook in good time before they go on sale.

That’s all we have for now! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, so leave them in the comments, in a message or in an email. We wish you all the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new con year!

– The Banzai Crew

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