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Introduction to moulding and casting with Black Crane Creations

18. July 2016 Maritim Panels and workshops 0 Comments

Do you have an item at home that would make a great cosplay prop, but it’s in the wrong material? Do you need to make lots exact duplicates of a piece? Or maybe you just  want to learn some new and useful cosplay techniques? Then you don’t want to miss this panel!

thumbnail_WP_20160715_001Regine, the mastermind of Black Crane Creations, will take you through all the basics of moulding and casting, including safety, materials such as silicone and resin, tools and techniques. And when she’s not teaching you how to make awesome stuff, you can drop by her stand for some extra advice, or to buy one of her amazing sets of horns or masks.

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Drawing workshop with Linnpuzzle

13. July 2016 Maritim Panels and workshops 0 Comments

Linn has 8 years of experience as an illustrator, and has experience in a variety of art programs (Opencanvas, Photoshop, illustrator,  nDesign and more) as well as traditional art. She aslo has a passion for fandoms, and applies her art skills to motieffs from games, movies and animation. In fact, if you’ve been attending conventions in Norway and Sweden for the last few years, you’ve probably stopped by too oogle her beautifull work at her stand (we certainly have!).

5757422_orig 4076848_origIn addition to allowing you the chance to spend some cash on her beautiful prints, we’re happy to say Linn has offered to share her knowledge and help guide you on the way to creating some beautiful art yourself!  The workshop has no sign up, so just come along and bring your creativity!

You can see more of Linns work on her website:

Polystudio kommer til Banzaicon

5. June 2016 Maritim Activities, Fun and games, Guests, News, Panels and workshops 0 Comments

Hvem har vel ikke alltid hatt lyst til å ha stemmen til en karakter i yndlingsserien sin?

Polystudio har tatt dette et skritt videre ved å fandubbe flere serier fra japansk og engelsk til norsk. Siden 2010 har denne gjengen med ivrige fans dubbet fra animé, vestlige serier, filmer og til og med laget egne hørespill.

RWBY, Persona 4, Puella Magi Madoca Magica er noen av de større prosjektene de jobber med for tiden. Polystudio har også hatt dubbeworkshop på Banzaicon i 2014 og 2015 og hatt paneler på andre con. Hvis du er interessert i arbeidet deres kan du finne dem på Facebook og Instagram, i tillegg til YouTube og Daily Motion.

Polystudio vil holde foredrag om fandubbing på fredag og workshop på lørdag på Banzaicon!

In addition to this they will also host a small dubbing-contest during the workshop where you can dub a voice in a clip from Avatar: The Legend of Korra, and the one who does the best dub gets a price!

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