Artist adventures – live art!

27. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Manga/comic library, News, Panels and workshops, Stage shows 0 Comments

There are endless ways to create art and tell stories, and sometimes the more unconventional methods can lead to some of the best results.   In this live-art event we pitch two talented artists against the clock and against the unknown in order to see how far their skill and creativity can take them.


There will be three rounds. In the first, we describe a scene from an original story that the artists get to illustrate within a 20 minute time slot. The catch? The scene is only revealed to them in parts on the 5, 10 and 15 minute mark.


The second round is a showcase of the power of imagination.  We will retell the events of  a scene from a famous book without making it obvious what the source material is. The artists each get to work on their own interpretation. At the end we compare the results to a screenshot of the scene from the film adaptation of the book, and talk bit about the differences.


The last round is a speed round where the artist must take inspiration from their audience to create their final work.
In each round the artist will talk about what they’re doing and their creative process. This event should be interesting not just for aspiring artist, but for anyone who is interested in artistic interpretation, creative imagination and visual storytelling.

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