Stickweed and Mirazie

28. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Cosplay and costumes, Guests 0 Comments

We have heaps of talented cosplayers coming from Denmark this year. Next in line are Stickweed and Mirazie!

Stickweeds Crafting and Cosplay has gotten a lot of experience since he began cosplaying in 2013, especially when it comes to armour. He’s even started working as an armour designer for Epic Armoury. He’s made it far in competitions, and was the winner of Dreamhack 2015 and the 2nd place winner in this years NCC! Appart from thi he has a weakness for icecream, high flame resistance and is rumoured to be the king of Saturn, though this is unconfirmed. His colleagues call him the worbla princess (banzaicon approves and encourages the use of this nickname)

His main material is steel, and that’s what he’s here to talk about in his panel. He will also be one of the judges in our cosplay contest, along with Mirazie Cosplay

Mirazie is all about the fun and good times when it comes to cosplay. She also happens to be incredibly talented, and enjoys spending hours crafting intricate details. She also has a passion for performance, and has previously represented Denmark in the European Cosplay Gathering and twice at the China Super Cosplay Show.


The Basics of steel – a beginners guide to metal armour


Photo Credit: Michael La-Cour & Polly Cosplay Photography


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