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Banzaicon 7 – The Cosplay Contest

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Siden vi primært kommuniserer på engelsk for å tilrettelegge for internasjonale deltagere vil info om cosplaykonkurransen også skrives på engelsk. Dersom det er noe du synes er uklart eller trenger en oversettelse på så er det bare å ta kontakt!

The cosplay contest is one of our most popular events for good reason. We are incredibly excited to have seen the level of norwegian cosplay grow over the years, and we are doing our best to adapt our cosplay contest to give as many people as possible the chance to shine and show off their creations. Therefore you will be able to chose between 4 different categories when participating in the banzaicon cosplay contest:

Cosplay Catwalk:
This is the category for those who just want to show off their costumes on stage with no hassle. It is open to everyone, costumes can be made or bought, and all you have to do is show up and show off! The judges will not be taking a closer look at the costumes, however we will still be handing  out a showmanship award in this category, judged purely on how the costume looks from a distance and the stage presence of the cosplayer during the catwalk.

To make sure to get a spot in the catwalk we recommend signing up online before the con, which you can do by following this link https://goo.gl/forms/qNmIcmtpsrirg1Dp1

There are a limited number of spaces available, but should any be left open, signups at the con will be possible. Check at the activity-stand.

Cosplay Classic
This is our traditional cosplay contest. It is open to everyone, with the following regulations:

– The costume must be based on an existing fictional character. You can not enter with an original character/design (these are encouraged to enter either the cosplay catwalk or the style contest)

– The costume must be at least 50% self-made

– The costume must not previously have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a cosplay contest at any major norwegian cosplay event. If you are uncertain if this rule applies to your costume, please send us a message.

1st place – 2500
2nd place – 1000
3rd place – 500

For more information on how the contest will be organized, judges criteria and signups, follow this link.



Cosplay Master
This is the category for those who want to reach for the very top. The winner of this category will be chosen as the last Norwegian contestant to represent Norway in next years Nordic Cosplay Champinship*! The following rules apply:

– The costume must be based on an existing fictional character, in an outfit taken either directly from the source material or officially released artwork/reference images. Cosplays based on fanart may be allowed in special cases. if you wish to compete insuch a costume, please email us about it.

– The costume must be at least 90% self-made (items such as shoes and wigs are exempt)

– The costume must not previously have won first place at any major norwegian cosplay event. It must also not have been used in any international cosplay championship (such as the NCC, ECG, Eurocosplay or WCS). If you are uncertain if this rule applies to your costume, please send us a message.


1st place – 5000 and a trip to Närcon to participate in the Nordic Cosplay Championship*
2nd place – 2000
3rd place – 1000

For more information on how the contest will be organized, judges criteria and signups, follow this link.

Cosplay Duo
Cosplay dup groups is an popular international format that we adopted with success last year and are very excited to bring back. In this category, two cosplayers enter as a pair. Costumes must be at least 50% self made, but can be a collaboration by both cosplayers.

1st place duo – 1000 kr.


For more information on how the contest will be organized, judges criteria and signups, follow this link.

*People who are not from norway are very welcome to enter the contest in all categories, and will have an equal chance at winning the first place. Should this happen in the master category they will still get the price, however the task of representing Norway in the NCC must go to a Norwegian, in this case the contestant in second place.

Charity Dance Auction for the Red Cross

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The Galaxy Galla will play danceable music in a variety of genres, but it will kick off with a waltz, and if you’re lucky you may get to share this dance with your favourite character.

At our charity dance auction we’ll be putting some of the most well known and well loved (or maybe well hated) characters from fiction under the (figurative) hammer. The lucky winner of the bidding war will get the honour of opening the gala with a romantic waltz with their price, as well as a photo of you together by the very talented Danarki. And the best thing: all the proceeds of this auction go directly to our local Red Cross.

For many years now the wonderful people of the Red Cross in Larvik have assisted our own medic crew in keeping everyone at Banzai safe and healthy during the con. This year they are starting up a new bicycle patrol, inspired by the Danish Red Cross, as bicycles often may be capable of arriving at the scene of an emergency faster than a car. We are incredibly grateful to them, and this is our chance to give back!

If you plan to bid in the auction, please remember that you are buying a dance and a picture, and only that. Your price may choose to spend more time with you, but only by their own choice, this is not part of the event. Remember this event should be fun and safe for everyone, and you are required to treat your price with respect for the duration of the time they are with you.

Are you a cosplayer and would like to help our charity and have a cool time by auctioning yourself off?

Thank you for expressing an interest in being part of our charity auction. We couldn’t do this without you!

To apply to be part of the auction you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a recognizable costume of a well known fictional character. If they are somehow space-themed that’s even better, but not a requirement.
  • Crossplay is acceptable, genderbent characters are not. In other words we don’t care about the gender of the cosplayer, but the character should be as they are in the original source material. Original characters or original designs should not be submitted for this event.
  • Be willing to spend half an hour on Friday being instructed in how to waltz. If you already know how you can help instruct the others.
  • Be able to act in character on stage during the auction. During the dance itself we do not require you to be entirely in character, but you should be able to at least act it out a bit to give your “buyer” a special experience.
  • Be comfortable dancing with and talking to a stranger. We do of course not demand physical contact beyond the dance, but if you’re ok with giving them a hug that would of course be preferable.

We cannot overstate the importance of this being just for fun and for charity. You should feel safe and comfortable at all times. You are not required to spend any time with the buyers beyond the dance and photograph unless you decide you want to. We do not expect any issues but should anything at all uncomfortable happen our crew will be on hand to sort things out.

To make sure the event runs for the appropriate amount of time we have a limited amount of slots open for cosplayers here. The list is not first-come-first-serve, but will be put together by us once all the applications are in, in order to ensure an optimal group of well-known characters.

All applications must be in by the 30th of September. After this everyone will get an email to let them know if they are on the list or not.

Your application should be sent to organizer@banzaicon.net, marked “charity dance auction” in the subject field, and contain the following info:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your phone number
  • The character you wish to cosplay in the auction (specify where the character is from and which version you will cosplay)
  • A picture of you in the cosplay. (We will NOT be looking your appearance , choosing cosplayers based on looks or anything of the sort. We only ask this because we need to ascertain that the costume is recognizable so that the audience will recognize the character).

If you want to enter as a character but your costume is not yet done so you don’t have a picture, just send the application in any case.

Thank you again for being willing to help us bring this event to life, we are looking forwards to your applications!

Contact us

E-mail organizer@banzaicon.no