Lipsync Battle

The instant crowd favourite from Banzaicon 7 is back! This event is for the people with a passion for music, a love for the stage a certain flair for the dramatic. And the best part? You don’t even need to sing! Simply sign up, meet up, pick a song and strut your stuff!

Practical info:
This is a fun, informal, tournament style event, where winners are picked based on audience response. There are still some cool prizes to be won, but there is no need for stress, planning or preparation (unless off course you feel like sewing a full sequin outfit for the occasion, in which case go right ahead!). All signups happen on the day in the activity-stand, and we do not accept online signups before the con. There are a limited number of spaces available, so we recommend being early. If you show at the stage without having signed up we cannot guarantee a spot. If you want to compete against a friend in the first round you need to sign up together. You can only pick songs from a pre-selected list made by us. No worries though, we’ve got great taste.