AMV and FMV contest

You don't need expensive cameras or your own band to make awesome music videos. Mix and match clips from your favourite series and films with some great music and suddenly you get something completely new and exciting! And at Banzaicon you will not only have the opportunity to show your creation on the big screen in our main hall, you can win fabulous prizes while you're at it!

You can send in a maximum of 3 entries, so get down in front of your PC and work those editing muscles!

* You can use video clips from one or multiple sources (movies, series, games etc). AMVs must use animated sources, FMVs must use Live Action sources.
* The length of your finished product must be between one and five minutes.
* You can use any theme, but videos relating to this years theme, Banzaicon: Villans and Scoundrels may be awarded extra points.
* Remember Banzaicon is a con with no age limit. The judges reserve the right to not show any video deemed inappropriate for our audiences (extremely graphic violence and sex etc.) If you are uncertain weather the clip you wish to use is acceptable, send us a mail and we'll sort things out as soon as possible.
* The video must be made originally for Banzaicon. It can not have been uploaded to youtube, facebook or other websites prior to being shown at the con. after the con you are of course free to upload it as you like.

Videos will be judged on the following criteria:
* Creativity
* Editing skill
* Synergy of video and music
* Bonus points for videos that somehow incorporate this years theme: villains and scoundrels.

How to participate:
* Upload your submission to youtube (make sure it is uploaded with the "unlisted" privacy setting)
* Send us a link to your submission at
* Make sure to send the mail before Monday the 1st of October!