Travelling to unfamiliar places and seeing new things can be quite the glorious adventure, but the fun and games end when the goal isn't to explore and rather to get to the base camp for the weekend with EVERYTHING in one piece. Also not getting lost on the way to the Real Fun and Games is a major plus as well.

WHICH IS WHY we figured it was a good idea to, y'know, make an easy to follow travel guide so that you, our dear dear attendees, will guaranteed find your way to the right places to the right time, and prevent some travel related nightmares. At least locally, if nothing else...

So. Here's the Beginner's Guide to Banzaicon's Homebase

First off. Getting to Larvik:

The four major methods of travelling to Larvik is by plane, ferry, train, and various express busses.

By taking the plane the two most likely airports you'll land at are Sandefjord Airport Torp(For our international guests, this particular airport is often referred to as Oslo Airport Torp, and often labeled OSL TORP on the tickets, but you are not in fact landing in Oslo. With regards to Banzai you're landing about one and a half hours worth of travel closer to the con. Pretty great, isn't it?), and Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Regardless which airport you land at, your best method of getting to the convention from there is by bus or train.

From arrival at Torp ( the least complicated option is taking the train (, for which you jump on the bus right at the airport's doorstep that'll take you to Torp train station, and then the train takes you from there and straight to Larvik. That's two stops down. The bus ride is included in the train ticket. Pretty sweet. Taxi is hassle free option nr. 2, for people with extra cash to burn. For people who like a bit more flexibility there’s car-rentals available at the airport as well.

From arrival at Gardermoen the train(link: is the easiest option, as it goes straight from the basement of the airport and directly to Larvik. No headaches, no hassle. Taxi is not recommended from here unless you’ve got a rich uncle or something like that covering your travel expenses, but there are various car-rental services you can go for instead.

The ferries most relevant with regards to Banzaicon are the Larvik(Norway)-Hirsthals(Denmark) and Sandefjord(Norway)-Strömstad(Sweden) ferries.

If you get to land at the Sandefjord port without a car, your best option for getting to Larvik will be either the 01 bus or the 03 bus. The 03 has the closest stop to the harbour, and both busses stop right by both Farris Bad and Quality Hotel Grand Farris. Time wise, the 03 bus might take a bit longer time. Train is an option too, but that requires quite a bit more walking, which isn't the most fun thing to do when lugging around huge luggage cases full of all the necessities to cover the whole weekend.

If you touch land at the Larvik port without a car, we've drawn up a route to the con-area for you to walk in the map below. Those of you who find walking abhorrent and would prefer a bit more comfortable travelling methods, the local taxi service can be reached at +47 334 20 200. Be sure to talk as clearly as you can as not all Norwegians are the quickest at picking up english even though we all like to pretend we are.

The train station is marked in green in the map below.

Finally! Arrived in Larvik! What now?

Here's a map of the area in question.

Now, this should cover most of it, but one can't be expected to walk everywhere while here! Amirite?(Oh. You play Pokemon Go? Well then. This segment will be completely wasted on you.) So, a short segment on our beloved public transportation options here in Larvik would probably be a good idea to cover a bit of as well...and that would be busses. Getting familiar with the bus times and stops can be quite a hassle, which is why we have marked up the most relevant bus stops on the map for your convenience.

Staying at Farris Bad?

Then the 01 and 208 busses are going to be your best friends. The bus stops labeled 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7 are the ones most relevant for your interests.

Staying at Quality Grand Hotel Farris?

01, 208, and 210 will be your best buds. The bus stops labeled 4, 5, 6, and 7 are the ones most relevant for yours.

These busses will get you smoothly from practically right outside your hotels to about 2min walk from the convention area. To get from the 6 and 7 bus stops and to the convention area, just follow the green/orange route on the map. Don't mind the slightly sketchy surroundings, it's all pretty safe.

Staying at the hotels in Sandefjord?

From Scandic Park, there’s two bus stops to choose from, both are a 5 minute walk away. The 01 bus goes from them both every half hour on friday, every hour on saturday, and every second hour on sunday. Note that on sundays the first 01 bus of the day runs at 12:55. You can hop off at stops 6 and 7 in Larvik. Travel time is somewhere between 30-35 minutes.

From Clarion Atlantic the bus station is a short 2 minute stroll away. That’s if you really drag your feet. Both the 03 and 01 busses passes through there. The train station is also within visible distance on the ground for the ones that prefer train. Travel time for bus is between 35 and 40 minutes, train is a short 15 minute ride however from the Larvik train station it’ll be a slightly longer walk to get to the convention. Take a look at the map above for bus suggestions from Larvik train station.