Parental info

Banzaicon is a convention which takes place in Boligmappa Arena in Larvik between 4. and 6. October 2018. Banzaicon was first arranged in 2009, and in 2019 it is happening for the ninth time, but what is Banzaicon?

Banzaicon is a convention based on Japanese pop culture with a strong focus on anime, manga, fantasy, science fiction, role playing games, video games, computer games, costume and various competitions.

There will be concerts, stage shows, and many different fun games and activities. Banzaicon-classics like Twister, Open Stage, improvisation theater and cosplay competition are returning, and will be joined by new ideas from our Activity Crew.

The event lasts from Friday afternoon, until Sunday afternoon and we take great pride in ensuring the safety and happiness of all our guests, visitors and volunteers. It’s a no-alcohol and drug-free event, and we have a zero-tolerance policy towards intoxication at the venue.

We have our own café which will be servingg healthy food, but cakes and different snacks will also be available to avoid that our visitors walk around in Larvik at night to buy snacks and soft drinks. We encourage our visitors to stay at the event, to avoid missing out on the fun. We also remind our visitors to eat and drink enough, and to get sufficient sleep, as we always put health and safety first.

We have an impressive group of people responsible for safety, many of which have licences as security guards, bouncers and fireguards. All members of the Banzai Watch are connected through radio communication for quick response and reporting to security leader in case of any serious incidents.

We also have a medic crew with Red Cross certification. The Red Cross will also be present at times during the event. Our medic crew will also make sure that all the visitors are doing well, and are eating and drinking enough to keep their energy up through a fun event with high activity level.

Sleeping arrangements will be overseen by our security personnel that ensure that there is no unauthorized access, and that none of our visitors are subjected to anything disagreeable.

We put the comfort and safety of our visitors first. Our visitors mean everything to us as an organisation, and we will make a great effort to ensure the everybody’s wellbeing during the event.

We ask that you direct any further questions you may have to