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Banzaicon is a 3-day festival in Larvik, Norway, catering to pop-culture enthusiasts of every kind. Whether you enjoy anime and manga, fantasy and science-fiction, movies and tv, comics, videogames, larp, boardgames, cosplay, k-pop…well, lets just say if you’re a bit of a nerd you’ll find something interesting to do at our convention.

After a short break last year we’re back with a new event on the 5th to 7th of October 2018, an as usual our schedule is packed with fun games and activities, interesting lectures and workshops and spectacular contests and stage-shows. If you need a break from the action you can always head over to our café for some nice, affordable refreshments, chill out in our manga/comics library or bring your friends along and kick their asses at games in our arcade or board game-area.

This years theme pays homage to some of the more…misunderstood…characters in the stories we surround ourselves with. The people who try their best time and time again and work hard to reach their goals only to have bothersome bands of bumbling kids or other meddlesome do-gooders foil their plans. This is the year of the bad guys: the rascals, rogues and libertines. So polish of that doomsday-device, practice your evil laugh and come join us at Banzaicon 8: Villains and Scoundrels.

And remember: It’s good to be bad!


Banzaicon will be held in the same venue as last time: Boligmappa Arena Larvik

Hoffs gate 6, 3262 Larvik