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Cosplay Chess Show!

17. June 2016 Maritim Activities, Fun and games 0 Comments

CBG (Cosplay Board Games) is a Swedish organization who combine the fun of cosplay, boardgames and stageshows into one magic event, and we’re happy to announce they will be doing so at Banzaicon 7!

You may have heard of cosplay chess before. Well, we’re doing that, but we’re adding a bit more excitement. We’ll take to the stage with a pre-planned game where the focus is put on the action-filled duels between the characters/chess pieces.

For this event, cosplayers must sign up in advance and there will be some time before the event for everyone to come together, get to know each other and practice some cool moves and combos. Are you a sneaky pawn, a bold knight or the king of the board? Join us and find out!

The cosplay chess show will take place on Sunday.

To sign up, send an email to with the following info:

– Your name
– Phone number
– What character you will be cosplaying
– What fandom/series the character is from
– How fragile is your costume? Do you want to have a verbal or physical duel?*

*There will be no actual fighting, but even staged fights might be risky to a gragile costume, so let us know!

NB. All participants in this event must be signed up before the con! There are limited spaces, so make sure you get your spot!

Polystudio kommer til Banzaicon

5. June 2016 Maritim Activities, Fun and games, Guests, News, Panels and workshops 0 Comments

Hvem har vel ikke alltid hatt lyst til å ha stemmen til en karakter i yndlingsserien sin?

Polystudio har tatt dette et skritt videre ved å fandubbe flere serier fra japansk og engelsk til norsk. Siden 2010 har denne gjengen med ivrige fans dubbet fra animé, vestlige serier, filmer og til og med laget egne hørespill.

RWBY, Persona 4, Puella Magi Madoca Magica er noen av de større prosjektene de jobber med for tiden. Polystudio har også hatt dubbeworkshop på Banzaicon i 2014 og 2015 og hatt paneler på andre con. Hvis du er interessert i arbeidet deres kan du finne dem på Facebook og Instagram, i tillegg til YouTube og Daily Motion.

Polystudio vil holde foredrag om fandubbing på fredag og workshop på lørdag på Banzaicon!

In addition to this they will also host a small dubbing-contest during the workshop where you can dub a voice in a clip from Avatar: The Legend of Korra, and the one who does the best dub gets a price!

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