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Ludosport – lightsaber workshop

4. October 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Fun and games, Guests, News, Panels and workshops 0 Comments

In Italy back in 2006 some sporty nerds came together to form the first LudoSport academy, a place where people could come together to practice the techniques designed for “real” combat with lightsabers. It has developed to a true sport and spread across europe. We are incredibly excited to have it at Banzaicon for (as far as we know) the first time in norway! Come along for a demonstration of the sport , as well as the chance to try it yourself!  If you have your own combat saber (not vfx saber) feel free to bring it along. If not, make sure to show up early for the chance to borrow one.
May the force be with you!

To learn more about the sport, visit

Lego Universe

27. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Fun and games, News 0 Comments

We like to build stuff, and we know you guys do as well. That’s why we talked to some other folks who are really passionate about building stuff, namely the lovely people at Lego Norway! They are lending us a small mountain of legos, and we’ve dedicated a whole room to building and displaying your creations.What sort of world will you make?

Artist adventures – live art!

27. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Manga/comic library, News, Panels and workshops, Stage shows 0 Comments

There are endless ways to create art and tell stories, and sometimes the more unconventional methods can lead to some of the best results.   In this live-art event we pitch two talented artists against the clock and against the unknown in order to see how far their skill and creativity can take them.


There will be three rounds. In the first, we describe a scene from an original story that the artists get to illustrate within a 20 minute time slot. The catch? The scene is only revealed to them in parts on the 5, 10 and 15 minute mark.


The second round is a showcase of the power of imagination.  We will retell the events of  a scene from a famous book without making it obvious what the source material is. The artists each get to work on their own interpretation. At the end we compare the results to a screenshot of the scene from the film adaptation of the book, and talk bit about the differences.


The last round is a speed round where the artist must take inspiration from their audience to create their final work.
In each round the artist will talk about what they’re doing and their creative process. This event should be interesting not just for aspiring artist, but for anyone who is interested in artistic interpretation, creative imagination and visual storytelling.

Cosplay Talkshow – Nordic cosplay

26. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Cosplay and costumes, News, Panels and workshops, Stage shows 0 Comments

The CosCast take to the stage along with a selection of cosplay guests from all around the nordic region. Since this is a talkshow there will be talking, specifically on the topic of cosplay in the various northern countries. There may also be a game or two and some impro cosplay involved, so make sure you catch it!

The CosCast also hosts the Cosplay Quiz.


25. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Guests, News, Panels and workshops, Stage shows 0 Comments

Hailing from England, Moley works for the Coventry FabLab project teaching people engineering, and for Mandala Studios making costumes and props. Other than that he’s spent years performing at events as a standup comedian. We are very happy to have him back at Banzaicon sharing this variety of skills.He’ll be hosting panels, appearing in the Banzai Show, and more than likely showing up wherever Tab and Christian happen to be to heckle in that way only the british know.

He will be hosting some amazing workshops for us this year, but don’t worry, you’re still allowed to laugh at him!

Intro to papercraft and origami

Engineering ABC’s – Laser cutting, 2D and 3D modeling

Santatory and Timeforlemontea

24. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Cosplay and costumes, Guests, News, Panels and workshops 0 Comments

We are very happy to welcome two wonderfully talented Norwegian cosplayers as our guests, namely Santatory and Timeforlemontea. They are both experienced cosplayers with a number of stunning works in their portfolio, especially when it comes to sewing.  And, luckily for us they are here to share some of that skill! They will be holding panels on the following topics:


Cosplay seamwork  

Cosplay process – from idea to finish


Catch some more of their work at and

Photo-Credit: Ookami-Photography

Tab and Chrisian

20. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Cosplay and costumes, Guests, News, Panels and workshops, Stage shows 0 Comments

Our favourite brits are back for more adventures at Banzai. They’re here to drink tea and entertain, and they’re all out of tea (apparently we don’t do it right over here.) That still leaves us with lots of great entertainment. In addition to taking the stage in the Banzai-show, they will also host a number of panels and workshops:


Cosplay Skits Around the World with Tab


Bizarre Anime Censorship- How the western world has changed cartoons with Tab


How to paint spaceWorkshop with Tab


Mystery Science TARDIS 300 with Christian (featuring Tab)
(Don’t believe their self-depreciating humour. These guys are great!)

Cami Cosplay and Yoshu Cosplay

15. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Cosplay and costumes, Guests, News 0 Comments

We are delighted to welcome Cami Cosplay and Yoshu Cosplay from Denmark as cosplay panelist and judges for our cosplay contest!

Cami has been a cosplayer for just over three years, and in August 2015 she won the first contest she ever entered for best craftsmanship. This qualified her to be one of Denmarks three representatives in this summers Nordic Championships, where those of you who watched might have seen her stunning costumes in action! She loves working with details to make her costumes look as visually interesting as possible.

Yoshu has been part of the cosplay community for nine years, and has in this time worked up quite a list of achievements. This includes representing Denmark at the World Cosplay Summit (2012), the European Cosplay Gathering (3013) and CICAF in China (2014). Her specialties in cosplay include performance, embroidery, fabric research and detail work.

If you want to learn from these two brilliant cosplayers, make sure to not miss their panel:
Photo credit: Michael La Cour

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