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Banzaicon 7 – The Cosplay Contest

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Siden vi primært kommuniserer på engelsk for å tilrettelegge for internasjonale deltagere vil info om cosplaykonkurransen også skrives på engelsk. Dersom det er noe du synes er uklart eller trenger en oversettelse på så er det bare å ta kontakt!

The cosplay contest is one of our most popular events for good reason. We are incredibly excited to have seen the level of norwegian cosplay grow over the years, and we are doing our best to adapt our cosplay contest to give as many people as possible the chance to shine and show off their creations. Therefore you will be able to chose between 4 different categories when participating in the banzaicon cosplay contest:

Cosplay Catwalk:
This is the category for those who just want to show off their costumes on stage with no hassle. It is open to everyone, costumes can be made or bought, and all you have to do is show up and show off! The judges will not be taking a closer look at the costumes, however we will still be handing  out a showmanship award in this category, judged purely on how the costume looks from a distance and the stage presence of the cosplayer during the catwalk.

To make sure to get a spot in the catwalk we recommend signing up online before the con, which you can do by following this link

There are a limited number of spaces available, but should any be left open, signups at the con will be possible. Check at the activity-stand.

Cosplay Classic
This is our traditional cosplay contest. It is open to everyone, with the following regulations:

– The costume must be based on an existing fictional character. You can not enter with an original character/design (these are encouraged to enter either the cosplay catwalk or the style contest)

– The costume must be at least 50% self-made

– The costume must not previously have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a cosplay contest at any major norwegian cosplay event. If you are uncertain if this rule applies to your costume, please send us a message.

1st place – 2500
2nd place – 1000
3rd place – 500

For more information on how the contest will be organized, judges criteria and signups, follow this link.



Cosplay Master
This is the category for those who want to reach for the very top. The winner of this category will be chosen as the last Norwegian contestant to represent Norway in next years Nordic Cosplay Champinship*! The following rules apply:

– The costume must be based on an existing fictional character, in an outfit taken either directly from the source material or officially released artwork/reference images. Cosplays based on fanart may be allowed in special cases. if you wish to compete insuch a costume, please email us about it.

– The costume must be at least 90% self-made (items such as shoes and wigs are exempt)

– The costume must not previously have won first place at any major norwegian cosplay event. It must also not have been used in any international cosplay championship (such as the NCC, ECG, Eurocosplay or WCS). If you are uncertain if this rule applies to your costume, please send us a message.


1st place – 5000 and a trip to Närcon to participate in the Nordic Cosplay Championship*
2nd place – 2000
3rd place – 1000

For more information on how the contest will be organized, judges criteria and signups, follow this link.

Cosplay Duo
Cosplay dup groups is an popular international format that we adopted with success last year and are very excited to bring back. In this category, two cosplayers enter as a pair. Costumes must be at least 50% self made, but can be a collaboration by both cosplayers.

1st place duo – 1000 kr.


For more information on how the contest will be organized, judges criteria and signups, follow this link.

*People who are not from norway are very welcome to enter the contest in all categories, and will have an equal chance at winning the first place. Should this happen in the master category they will still get the price, however the task of representing Norway in the NCC must go to a Norwegian, in this case the contestant in second place.

Introducing Sony PlayStation Norway!

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We are incredibly stoked to be sponsored by, and working with, Sony PlayStation Norge for the first time this year, and to celebrate this we are collaborating with them on a special PlayStation Cosplay Contest! Of course they don’t skimp on the prices, and the winner will walk away with a brand new PlayStation 4, 3 games and a yearlong PlayStation+ membership!

This contest will be open all through the con, and anyone cosplaying from a game that has ever been out on a PlayStation-console may enter. Just come along to the activity-stand at any time during the con and we’ll snap your picture!

And yes, if you want you can of course enter both the regular cosplay contest and this one with the same costume.

Tickets to the convention can be bought at

Art by the wonderful Evy Ann Trøftmoen

Animation and VFX in film with Hans Gunnar Brekke

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From the world of 3D-renders and tiny polygons, we are very excited to present Hans Gunnar Brekke!

With 12 years of experience bringing movie-magic to the silver-screen, he’s the guy you talk to when you need some monsters rampaging through the street or a worryingly large wolf terrorizing your protagonists.

He is currently the Head of Visual Effects at Westerdals Oslo ACT, and before coming back home to Norway he spent some time in New Zealand working as a lead/senior animator with Weta Digital on projects like The Hobbit and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Other films where you can see his work includes the Jungle Book, the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Drag me to Hell, Cloverfield and Enchanted.

At Banzaicon he will be regaling us with stories of his climb to the top in the world of animation and VFX and what the day to day work looks like. You’ll get to see some of his work, including some exclusive behind-the-scenes material. And of course he’ll give some advice on how to make your own career in film, including an introduction of Westerdals new VFX course.  

Ps. Some of the work shown in this panel is not meant for publication, and therefore taking pictures or filming will not be allowed. We ask that you please respect these rules so that we can continue getting such cool guests in the future!


DemoReel 2012HD 3072DemoReel 2012HD 2473DemoReel 2012HD 1085

Guest: Charles White, our man from Space

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Joining us this year all the way from California, USA, is Mr. Charles White, who works at NASA’s (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Charles has 30 years experience of exploring the solar system where he’s helping the Mars 2020 mission, the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) and other exciting space projects.  Charles also is the founder of the Desert Wizards of Mars, a Burning Man organization of artists and engineers that have built the Black Rock Observatory.  He will speak to us about the past, present and future plans for space exploration with robots and humankind!

His alter ego, Max Singularity, is the One True Pope of EVE Online; a spaceship sandbox MMO with a long history and fanatical player-base. Together they have not only inundated themselves into the dangerous political landscape of the alliance leaders, but also been the progenitors and main driving force for Roleplaying within the game. Mr. White will to that effect be holding a second panel on roleplaying, videogames and the Space-Pope’s rise to power!

You can see more of both his Holiness and Charles White at their YouTube channel.

Guest: Ingridbeast

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If you’ve seen Ingridbeast before it’s probably in her astounding Kili-costume, or otherwise flaunting a handsome beard. Or maybe you’ve had the fortune of hearing her sing one of her heartbreaking original songs on stage, possibly at this years Nordic Cosplay Championship. No matter where you find her, this multi-talented chameleon of a cosplayer is happy to share of her vast knowledge in both cosplay performance and crafting. We are very happy to have her as a guest at Banzaicon, where she will bring with her a couple of new and very interesting events.

Photo by Ookami Cosplay Photography.

AMV and FMV contest!

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You don’t need expensive cameras or your own band to make awesome music videos. Mix and match clips from your favourite series and films with some great music and suddenly you get something completely new and exciting! And at Banzaicon you will not only have the opportunity to show your creation on the big screen in our main hall, you can win fabulous prizes while you’re at it!

This year we will give prices in three categories:

  • AMV – Anime Music Video – our traditional contest where you can use clips from any animated source.
  • FMV – Fan Music Video – This year we also accept fan videos using live action films and series as sources.
  • Additionally we will be giving out an audience award for the video that gets the biggest reaction from the audience, regardless of category

You can send in as many entries as you want, so get down in front of your PC and work those editing muscles!


  • You can use video clips from one or multiple sources  (movies, series, games etc). AMV’s must use animated sources, FMV’s must use Live Action sources.
  • The length of your finished product must be between one and five minutes.
  • You can use any theme, but videos relating to this years theme (Banzaicon: Spaced out!) may be awarded extra points.
  • Remember Banzaicon is a con with no age limit. The judges reserve the right to not show any video deemed inappropriate for our audiences (extremely graphic violence and sex etc.) If you are uncertain whether the clip you wish to use is acceptable, send us a mail and we’ll sort things out as soon as possible.
  • The video must be made originally for Banzaicon. It cannot have been uploaded to youtube, facebook or other websites prior to being shown at the con. after the con you are of course free to upload it as you like.

How to participate

  1. Upload your submission to youtube (make sure it is uploaded with the “unlisted” privacy setting)
  1. Send us a link to your submission to (make sure to write amv contest or fmv contest in the subject field)
  2. Make sure to send the mail before Monday the 3rd of October

Good luck!

Conbook Contest

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Calling all writers, artists and cosplayers!

Just like previous years we plan to put together a little booklet that will be handed out to all our attendees, filled with all the important information about the con as well as some entertaining articles and artwork. And to help fill the pages with cool stuff we need all of you.

Therefore we are once again announcing our conbook contest. There will be three categories, and the winner oof each category will receive a free ticket to Banzaicon, which they can choose to use either this year or next year.  They will also get their works featured prominently in the conbook along with their name and links to their pages/websites should they wish it. A number of other entries will also be featured in the book.


The winner of this category will have their art displayed on the front page of the conbook!
Entries in this category can be made with either traditional or digital techniques. All art is welcome, but images related to Banzaicon, the topics of interest we cover and/or this year’s theme (Space!) will have a bigger shot at claiming the first price. All sizes and layouts are welcomed, however a high quality image is preferred, and entries that hope to win the first place and featured spot on the front page should ideally aim for a vertical A5 format.

Cosplay Photo

We love the cosplayers at our con, but sometimes a costume truly comes into its own once it’s placed in front of a camera. We therefore invite cosplayers and photographers alike to send in their best cosplay pictures. In this category it is very important that you have the permission of everyone involved to let us print the picture.


If you prefer working with words rather than images, this is the category for you. You could write a haiku, a limerick, even a sonnet! Or of that’s not your style, go freeform. The possibilities are endless, though we ask that you keep it to less than 200 words, in either Norwegian or English. You can write on any subject you’d like, but poems that centre around either banzaicon, the topics of interest we cover or this year’s theme (space!) will have a higher chance at the first price.

How to enter

You can participate in all the categories with as many entries as you would like. To enter, send your submission to us by mail to, marked clearly in the subject field with “conbook contest”.

  • Your full name
  • Your artist name (if you have one. If so that is the name we will use in the book unless otherwise specified)
  • Phone number
  • A link to just one of your artist/social media web profiles (such as a facebookpage, instagram, tumblr, deviantart etc.) if you want this to be printed
  • For cosplay pictures only: the name/artist name of the photographer if you’re the cosplayer, or of the cosplayer if you’re the photographer, as well as any other people featured heavily in the picture. We need to be able to properly credit everyone. We ask that you do not send us anything unless you have permission from the other people involved to send it to us and let us print it.

The deadline for all submissions to the conbook is the 12th of September.

Banzaicon aksepterer ledsagerbevis!

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Fra og med årets Banzaicon vil vi nå akseptere ledsagerbevis på alle våre arrangement. Dette betyr at alle som har behov for å ha med seg sin ledsager på et av våre arrangementer, Banzaicon inkludert, kun vil behøve billett til seg selv siden ledsageren følgelig får gratis adgang. På Banzaicon gjelder tilbudet kun adgang til arrangementet, overnatting må kjøpes i tillegg om ønskelig.

Rounin Events og Banzaicon følger Larvik kommunes retningslinjer for ledsagerbevis.

Vi ber om at ledsagerbeviset enten er med bilde, eller at det medbringes nødvendig legitimasjon i tillegg til ledsagerbevis.

Accommodation passes will be available from the 26th of June!

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Great news everyone! Accommodation passes for our sleeping hall will go on sale in 14 days, on the 26th of June at 15:00.
The sleeping hall will be Framhallen, located within a 2 minute walking distance from Boligmappa Arena where Banzaicon is taking place this year. There are showers and wardrobes available, which we of course encourage everyone to use. Keep in mind that you may not under any circumstance bring any food or drink with you into the sleeping hall. Please respect all rules and regulations in the sleeping hall, so that we can also offer everyone this opportunity in the future.
Accommodation passes will be costing 330 NOK and grant you access to the sleeping hall for the entire weekend. The increase in pricing is due to the fact that renting the sleeping hall we’re using this year is a little bit more expensive than renting the ones we’ve used in previous years.

Contact us