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The Banzai Show

21. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Cosplay and costumes, Stage shows 0 Comments

We may have a new venue, but our good traditions remain.  We are delighted to welcome you back to the Banzai-show, where a selection of our invited guests and talented attendees (that’s you guys!) take to the stage to entertain with a wide variety of acts.
Do you want to put on a show? If you’re interested in joining our group of entertainers with an act of your own, simply email us at and tell us who you are and what you want to do! We’re looking forwards to hearing from you!


21. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Cosplay and costumes, Stage shows 0 Comments

Cosplay skits can be funny and dramatic, creative and full of talent, witty, emotional and just plain ridiculous. One thing they definitely are is lots of fun for both participants and audience alike. Have you and your friends got some cool ideas for a show? Why not take them to the stage at Banzaicon for the chance to show off and maybe even win some great prices!

Practical info and rules:
A skit group can have as many or as few people as you want (even just one). You can cosplay from as many films/series/games as you want, or keep it to just one.

Each skit should be between 1 and 5 minutes in length You will have access to microphones, either handheld or head-mounted. Any audio track must be sent to us as an email attachment in mp3 format. You can also email us about specific wishes for light design in your skit, though please keep it simple and precise. You will have some time to meet with our tech crew before the contest to prepare.

We can provide simple props like chairs and tables. Anything else you must bring yourself. You can not bring anything on stage that cannot easily be removed again (such as water or confetti).

Prop weapons that do not follow con rules are allowed on stage, provided they are handed back to security or taken of the premises immediately after. The exception is functional firearms and sharp metal blades. If you plan on having a stagefight we ask that you notify us in advance.


We remind you that we are a family friendly event, so bear in mind there will be children in the audience. In other words innuendo is allowed, but steer away from graphic sexual language and the like. Likewise we do not support  any clearly sexist, racist, homophobic or transphobic content. If you’re uncertain if something you’re planning breaks these rules or not, please just ask us.

Judging a skit is always difficult as there are so many different ways of doing a great skit. Thankfully we have very skilled, talented judges who will do their best to make a fair decision. Some of the things they will be looking at are: the overall narrative/writing of the skit, stage presence and acting, creativity and costumes.

To sign up for the skit contest you need to fill out the form in the link below, no later than the 4th of october. You also need to send us an email to by the same date, marked with your group name and containing the and mp3 file of your audio track. In this email you can also let us know if you have any specific wishes for stage lights.

Style contest

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Banzaicon is full of cosplayers, but they’re not the only ones who shine in amazing outfits and cool costumes. The style contest is dedicated anyone with an outfit that is not directly based on a published fictional character. This can include j-fashion, steampunk, original fantasy or sci-fi designs or just about anything else, including originally designed versions of known characters (such as pokemon gijinka or alternate universe versions) In short the contest is open to anyone except those dressed in costumes based directly on official characters.


The contest is a catwalk, where judges will look at a combination of design, creativity and stage presence. It does not matter if the outfit/costume is homemade or not, everyone has the chance to win some shiny prices.

The Style contest will take place on Sunday. It will be possible to sign up at the con, but to make absolutely certain to get a spot we advise signing up in advance, which you can do here:

Online signups close on Thursday 6th of October. After this you can only sign up at the activity-stand at the con.  

Tab and Chrisian

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Our favourite brits are back for more adventures at Banzai. They’re here to drink tea and entertain, and they’re all out of tea (apparently we don’t do it right over here.) That still leaves us with lots of great entertainment. In addition to taking the stage in the Banzai-show, they will also host a number of panels and workshops:


Cosplay Skits Around the World with Tab


Bizarre Anime Censorship- How the western world has changed cartoons with Tab


How to paint spaceWorkshop with Tab


Mystery Science TARDIS 300 with Christian (featuring Tab)
(Don’t believe their self-depreciating humour. These guys are great!)

Cami Cosplay and Yoshu Cosplay

15. September 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Cosplay and costumes, Guests, News 0 Comments

We are delighted to welcome Cami Cosplay and Yoshu Cosplay from Denmark as cosplay panelist and judges for our cosplay contest!

Cami has been a cosplayer for just over three years, and in August 2015 she won the first contest she ever entered for best craftsmanship. This qualified her to be one of Denmarks three representatives in this summers Nordic Championships, where those of you who watched might have seen her stunning costumes in action! She loves working with details to make her costumes look as visually interesting as possible.

Yoshu has been part of the cosplay community for nine years, and has in this time worked up quite a list of achievements. This includes representing Denmark at the World Cosplay Summit (2012), the European Cosplay Gathering (3013) and CICAF in China (2014). Her specialties in cosplay include performance, embroidery, fabric research and detail work.

If you want to learn from these two brilliant cosplayers, make sure to not miss their panel:
Photo credit: Michael La Cour

Cosplay fabrics, decorations and details – the finishing touch!

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In this panel Cami Cosplay and Yoshu Cosplay will guide you through various techniques to make your costumes stand out and be more visually interesting. This will cover embroidery, canadian smocking as well as other forms of three dimensional detail work and how to do it all without making the costume too busy for the eyes.
A must see for anyone with an eye for details!

Banzaicon 7 – The Cosplay Contest

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Siden vi primært kommuniserer på engelsk for å tilrettelegge for internasjonale deltagere vil info om cosplaykonkurransen også skrives på engelsk. Dersom det er noe du synes er uklart eller trenger en oversettelse på så er det bare å ta kontakt!

The cosplay contest is one of our most popular events for good reason. We are incredibly excited to have seen the level of norwegian cosplay grow over the years, and we are doing our best to adapt our cosplay contest to give as many people as possible the chance to shine and show off their creations. Therefore you will be able to chose between 4 different categories when participating in the banzaicon cosplay contest:

Cosplay Catwalk:
This is the category for those who just want to show off their costumes on stage with no hassle. It is open to everyone, costumes can be made or bought, and all you have to do is show up and show off! The judges will not be taking a closer look at the costumes, however we will still be handing  out a showmanship award in this category, judged purely on how the costume looks from a distance and the stage presence of the cosplayer during the catwalk.

To make sure to get a spot in the catwalk we recommend signing up online before the con, which you can do by following this link

There are a limited number of spaces available, but should any be left open, signups at the con will be possible. Check at the activity-stand.

Cosplay Classic
This is our traditional cosplay contest. It is open to everyone, with the following regulations:

– The costume must be based on an existing fictional character. You can not enter with an original character/design (these are encouraged to enter either the cosplay catwalk or the style contest)

– The costume must be at least 50% self-made

– The costume must not previously have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a cosplay contest at any major norwegian cosplay event. If you are uncertain if this rule applies to your costume, please send us a message.

1st place – 2500
2nd place – 1000
3rd place – 500

For more information on how the contest will be organized, judges criteria and signups, follow this link.



Cosplay Master
This is the category for those who want to reach for the very top. The winner of this category will be chosen as the last Norwegian contestant to represent Norway in next years Nordic Cosplay Champinship*! The following rules apply:

– The costume must be based on an existing fictional character, in an outfit taken either directly from the source material or officially released artwork/reference images. Cosplays based on fanart may be allowed in special cases. if you wish to compete insuch a costume, please email us about it.

– The costume must be at least 90% self-made (items such as shoes and wigs are exempt)

– The costume must not previously have won first place at any major norwegian cosplay event. It must also not have been used in any international cosplay championship (such as the NCC, ECG, Eurocosplay or WCS). If you are uncertain if this rule applies to your costume, please send us a message.


1st place – 5000 and a trip to Närcon to participate in the Nordic Cosplay Championship*
2nd place – 2000
3rd place – 1000

For more information on how the contest will be organized, judges criteria and signups, follow this link.

Cosplay Duo
Cosplay dup groups is an popular international format that we adopted with success last year and are very excited to bring back. In this category, two cosplayers enter as a pair. Costumes must be at least 50% self made, but can be a collaboration by both cosplayers.

1st place duo – 1000 kr.


For more information on how the contest will be organized, judges criteria and signups, follow this link.

*People who are not from norway are very welcome to enter the contest in all categories, and will have an equal chance at winning the first place. Should this happen in the master category they will still get the price, however the task of representing Norway in the NCC must go to a Norwegian, in this case the contestant in second place.

Introducing Sony PlayStation Norway!

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We are incredibly stoked to be sponsored by, and working with, Sony PlayStation Norge for the first time this year, and to celebrate this we are collaborating with them on a special PlayStation Cosplay Contest! Of course they don’t skimp on the prices, and the winner will walk away with a brand new PlayStation 4, 3 games and a yearlong PlayStation+ membership!

This contest will be open all through the con, and anyone cosplaying from a game that has ever been out on a PlayStation-console may enter. Just come along to the activity-stand at any time during the con and we’ll snap your picture!

And yes, if you want you can of course enter both the regular cosplay contest and this one with the same costume.

Tickets to the convention can be bought at

Art by the wonderful Evy Ann Trøftmoen

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