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Cosplay skits can be funny and dramatic, creative and full of talent, witty, emotional and just plain ridiculous. One thing they definitely are is lots of fun for both participants and audience alike. Have you and your friends got some cool ideas for a show? Why not take them to the stage at Banzaicon for the chance to show off and maybe even win some great prices!

Practical info and rules:
A skit group can have as many or as few people as you want (even just one). You can cosplay from as many films/series/games as you want, or keep it to just one.

Each skit should be between 1 and 5 minutes in length You will have access to microphones, either handheld or head-mounted. Any audio track must be sent to us as an email attachment in mp3 format. You can also email us about specific wishes for light design in your skit, though please keep it simple and precise. You will have some time to meet with our tech crew before the contest to prepare.

We can provide simple props like chairs and tables. Anything else you must bring yourself. You can not bring anything on stage that cannot easily be removed again (such as water or confetti).

Prop weapons that do not follow con rules are allowed on stage, provided they are handed back to security or taken of the premises immediately after. The exception is functional firearms and sharp metal blades. If you plan on having a stagefight we ask that you notify us in advance.


We remind you that we are a family friendly event, so bear in mind there will be children in the audience. In other words innuendo is allowed, but steer away from graphic sexual language and the like. Likewise we do not support  any clearly sexist, racist, homophobic or transphobic content. If you’re uncertain if something you’re planning breaks these rules or not, please just ask us.

Judging a skit is always difficult as there are so many different ways of doing a great skit. Thankfully we have very skilled, talented judges who will do their best to make a fair decision. Some of the things they will be looking at are: the overall narrative/writing of the skit, stage presence and acting, creativity and costumes.

To sign up for the skit contest you need to fill out the form in the link below, no later than the 4th of october. You also need to send us an email to by the same date, marked with your group name and containing the and mp3 file of your audio track. In this email you can also let us know if you have any specific wishes for stage lights.

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