Worbla Workshop with Pharamony

1. October 2016 Captain NoBeard Activities, Cosplay and costumes, Guests, Panels and workshops 0 Comments

By now most cosplayers know of worbla, that magical substance that somehow turns from cookie dough-looking sheets to amazing armours and props once a cosplayer gets their hands on it. But not everyone has had the chance to try it for themselves, and starting a project with a material you have never worked with before can be daunting. That is why we are hosting a worbla workshop! Here you will get to experiment with worbla for yourself, with expert guidance from the amazing Pharamony.


The workshop will be held on Sunday, and there are a limited number of spaces available. If you want to secure yourself a spot, head to the activity stand at any time before the event.
This workshop is held in collaboration with Nerdeportalen, Norways supplier of Worbla and other thermoplastics and cosplay materials, who are very kindly donating the materials for the event.

worbla1 worbla2 worbla3 worbla4

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