Parental information

A lot of teenagers attend Banzaicon and it is reasonable that concerned parents might wonder what exactly i is that we do. We have therefore compiled some basic info about our event to help you understand just what it is your child/teen wants to attend.

Banzaicon is what is known in the community as a con (short for convention). In short it is a pop culture festival for people interested in japanese popular culture, anime and manga, fantasy, science fiction, video games and costuming. We have a busy schedule with stage shows, lectures, workshops, contests and quizzes, an arcade, a manga/comics library, board games and dance parties in the evenings.

In 2017 we will host our 7th annual event at Boligmappa Arena in Larvik. We are an entirely non-profit event run by fellow enthusiast who share the same interests of our attendees.
The event runs from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, and we expect between 1000 and 1500 attendees of all ages, although the vast majority are between 14 and 24 years old. We pride ourselves in being a family friendly event (in fact we often have families turn up in matching costumes!) and we have a strict zero-policy for alcohol and any other kind of drug use.

The safety and health of our attendees is important to us. We have a crew of over 30 guards responsible for keeping things safe and orderly, several of whom are trained and approved security and fire guards. We also have our very own first-aid crew. They are trained and approved by our local Red Cross, and Red Cross representatives will also be at the venue throughout the con to assist them should any serious incident occur.

In addition to the regular ticket, some attendees purchase sleeping hall tickets, which we sell to make the event available to those who cannot afford to stay at a hotel for the weekend. Our sleeping hall this year is a sports hall no more than 100 metres from the main convention venue, and we will have our guards stationed here at all times.

The comfort and safety of our attendees is paramount to us, and we make every effort to make sure this is maintained.  We hope this has helped you understand what we do a bit better, but if you still have questions we would be happy to answer them. Just send us a mail at

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